“The Program that built the business”GROUP TRAINING TEAM KFS

Before there was 301 Strong, there was Kinetic Fitness Solutions (KFS). KFS developed and then perfected our team training system. True personal training inside of a group setting. Team KFS workouts are suitable for most ability levels. Each session has a basic template that is adaptable to most members, from beginners, post-rehab, fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes, or those just looking to improve health. The main focus of the program is to identify and correct weaknesses and imbalances, as well as strengthen and enhance the physical and mental aspects of each client.


Growing up, did you ever pretend you had super powers? Maybe you still do? Whether you want to become as strong, big, or lean as possible, 301 Heroic gives you the opportunity to achieve it. Building off the foundations laid in KFS sessions, Heroic members pursue clearly defined (typically date-specific) manifestations of fitness.


Custom Programing & Tracking via App

Self-guided, but assisted by Coach


Just you, working with a member of our Training Staff. Whether you think you need to “get in shape before joining our group program” or you just prefer working with someone 1 to 1. All sessions are customized to the needs of the individual. Sessions typically last between 45 -60 minutes.